Monday, March 8, 2010

Temubual Irfan Khairi bersama Personal Money

Berikut adalah serba sedikit kandungan temubual Irfan Khairi bersama majalah Personal Money keluaran Nov 2009.

Personal Money: In your opinion, what distinguishes you from other non-millionaires youth? How do you do things differently?

IK: I think its "a good start". I wouldn't say I work harder than others, or work longer hours than others... but a good start of having a goal at the age of 18, and reaching it at the age of 25.
It's like a rocket where you need full power & intense power to lift of from the earth. Once the rocket is out at the atmosphere, gravity will do the rest.
I too listen to music, go to the movies, watch DVD's and go out. No different from other youths, but starting early, realizing how important it is to have a goal, and working towards the goal gives me an upper hand.
Starting early and giving all you got at the beginning really helps. I would say "a good start" is how I do it differently.

Kesimpulannya, bermula awal kalau masih belum mula lagi, mulalah sekarang, tiada masa untuk berlengah lagi sekiranya ingin mencapai kejayaan. DO IT NOW!

Sumber: Majalah Personal Money keluaran Nov 2009

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